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If you don't take your music seriously, why should anyone else?

It isn't always easy being a musician, trying to get your name out there. We've all been there, we know what it's like. In fact the Stomp! Music family consists of singers, guitarists, drummers and keyboardists who have all either lived that dream, or are currently living it!

We have banded together to offer musicians a range of music design services like stage banners, to make a good bands great.

Stomp! Studios range of band services will help you get serious, and get noticed.

Most bands forget that we're living in a highly competitive, image conscious age. 'Standing out from the crowd' no longer only means writing the best music and playing it well. The music needs to be supported with a powerful image that truly appeals to the people who are going to enjoy that music the most and the live show has to leave people talking about how amazing it was to all of their friends. It doesn't have to be extravagant, but it has to speak to the target audience.


Our high quality services & band banners are easily accessible by musicians of all ages and skill levels; they're not as out-of-reach as they might seem! From band image, to every aspect of album and EP creation, to live gig services and more, Stomp! Music has something to help everyone.

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Everyone else is using us, why aren't you?

Melbournes best band banner printing & logo design biz, as trusted by:

Horizons-edge-cd-artwork-and-logo fist-heavy-metal-logo-design-for-band Find out more.. b164b3fa-5bfb-49f7-9c08-d721016fc88a

Got a Banner From 'Stomp Studios', GREAT Quality & a Really Good Price. The Band loves it & it adds a great Effect to our Gigs. Really Happy with the End Product


-Rob - Katana Cartel