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It's more than just a name

Your band logo represents you and your music. What does yours say about you?

Every musician needs a visual identity, whether you're part of a band or have your own solo act. It helps create recognition in the same way logos enforce brand recognition for businesses.


For solo artists, this is simply their name and their face. However bands cannot rely on a single name and face, because each musician has equal importance and commands equal recognition within the group. Instead, bands rely on a thoroughly crafted name, logo and visual style in order to capture the same effect.


Join the ranks of your favourite bands with an iconic visual identity today!

A good band has polished, well-written songs that the audience enjoys and can appreciate. A great band has everything; great music, a captivating stage show and a powerful visual identity. Having a pro band logo which really captures the essence of your music is one of the small, yet highly important factors which can contribute to the long-term success of your band.


Our logos are designed in-house by our musically-talented designers. We don't outsource work, ensuring that you can be kept up-to-date and in-the-loop at every stage of development to make sure the logo is right for your band and your vision. With experience in many genres of music as well as corporate identity, our design team will put your dreams on paper.


Call us today on 1300 729 995 to arrange a no-obligation discussion where you can discuss your band's needs.



Melbourne rock/soul/reggae band



Melbourne thrash metal band

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Infinite Wisdom

Black metal band lable

Our band contacted Mike from Stomp Studios during our search for the right designer for our bands logo that would capture the rock n roll essence of our sound and image Stomp Studios work ethic, enthusiasm and endless supply of ideas and suggestions made the whole process of creating a logo extremely easy and enjoyable.


The end product was a logo that we are very proud to have representing our band.


The thing that impressed us most was Mike’s prompt response and action to any of our ongoing questions, ideas and suggestions during the designing of the logo I would recommend Stomp Studios to anyone looking for a job that needs to be done




Nikhail-rock-and-roll-logo-design Nikhail-rock-and-roll-logo-design-for-bands

Testimonial from Nikhail