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A true musical legend is larger than life

Project your ideal image with professional band photography!

You don't have to be a sex-symbol to look amazing in your photos, and having a good photographer makes all the difference. Why should you have to settle for low-resolution pictures taken on your friend's camera phone or point-and-shoot when these images don't do justice to your music?


A good photographer will capture the feeling of your music, using stylistic tricks and retouching to convey the same message and mood your songs do. It's a relatively inexpensive service that you keep benefitting from on your website and social media, on your media releases, in your albums and more.


From studio shots, to on-location media images to live gig photography, Stomp! can give your band the distinctive edge that you deserve!

Quality photography has a myriad of uses, from album booklet artwork to press packs and biography material. A good photograph can take an average-looking band and give it a slick overcoat to match the quality and genre of the music itself. Besides, you know what people say about pictures being 'worth 1000 words'. A quality photo will say more about your band than a bio of any length and is essential in any arena where a viewer might have only a short period of time to pass judgement on your act.


Stomp! can provide your band with a photographer for studio, on-location or live performance photography, including all equipment we need to make you look larger than life. Our rates also include retouching to finish the images perfectly.


The Stomp! Band photography service is available on an hourly rate, based on your needs. Half day and full day package deals are also available. Contact us today on 1300 729 995 to learn more.


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