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Musos aren't traditionally known for having tonnes of spare cash lying around, but that doesn't mean your band can't look good online!


Our easy-to-use content management system will have you editing your site yourself whenever you have new and exciting news to share with your growing fanbase. Whether you have photos from your latest gig, news about upcoming shows, or a brand new track or music video for people to enjoy, with a Stomp! band website you can upload your files and drag them onto your site however you wish!

Our band website packages are tailored specifically to help bands maintain their cashflow. Afterall, when you're releasing an album you spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, design and printing... Who has enough left over to buy a website designed by a proper web design agency?


Now, you can buy a full website complete with an easy-to-use content management system, shopping cart with credit card and paypal integration, news and blogging tools and more, all with a low weekly fee instead of a large upfront payment, like a mobile phone contract, most bands would be looking at $12 a week.

Visit the image link below or click here for a cheap website.

Get an online presence that you can really make use of!

Stores, social media integration, blog and news platforms and more!

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