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By nothingbutnet, Mar 20 2017 03:03AM

Our aim is to give you insight on how to play guitar for jazz in this starter guide. If any of the following applies to you, then you are in the right place:

* You already can play the scales, songs and chords on your guitar

* You know some of the jazz guitar standards

* You tend to get lost in the chord progression when you are doing a solo

* You would like to identify chord changes when you are improvising

* When playing jazz, you would like to understand and use the more difficult altered chords

* Chromaticism is lacking when you are soloing, therefore, you would like to add more

* You have limited arranging skills but you cannot seem to achieve chord melody

* Your heroes include John Scofield, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, and other excellent jazz guitarists

You have come to the right place if at least two items from the above list apply to you. The information listed here will give you great guidance for your musical development.

The Best Jazz Guitar Advice for You

Let us get straight into the jazz guitar advice. If you acknowledge the following as you read it, you are on the right path to developing your skills in jazz guitar. First, repeat the following sentence several hundred times out loud:

Your main objective is to play the jazz guitar well.

This includes completing the melody, improvising with the single-note solos, accompanying with chords and even adding some chord melody as you improve.

You can ignore your guitar teacher in Preston when he demands that you practice the scales and arpeggios for hours daily and you can forget about committing the chord shape to your memory. Technique is only one step in the process. So this is your road map to success:

All you need to do is play on the standards! You need to learn the chords, the melody and then solo.

In Four Steps - How to Play Jazz Guitar

For you to become a great jazz guitarist, what needs to happen next is very easy. Follow this video for further teaching:

Improve on Your Repertoire:

Ensure that you learn standards songs daily. Choose new songs as often as you can, but first learn the melody and then the chords. Develop a list of at least ten songs.

Develop Your Comping Skills:

You need to learn the basic chords to accompany your list of songs and then improve on your comping skills consistently.

Standard Progression with Your Solos:

Use basic tools to improvise at first and then keep honing your jazz guitar skills as you develop your ears, tastes and skills. A lot of soloing is what you will need to build your musical talent.

Fine Tune Your Harmonic Skills:

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, chord melody is important for improved performances on standards.

Repeat this advice because this is how the great practice their guitarists lessons.

By nothingbutnet, Dec 5 2016 04:01AM

Here's our 'top' list on everything Brunswick, whether you live in the area or want to take part in the local culture.

The area is well known for it's different, yet hip culture, a list of the favourite things spans from great roasted coffee in the daylight, to hitting up the live music scene and supporting local artists, in the evening hours. The fun often never stops, and the locals are often quite active at most times during the day.

Brunswick is full of many different types of people, which mainly revolves around the local art scene, including painters, singers, guitar players, sculpters and so many other forms of art.

Almost everywhere you go, there will be something arty in plain sight, often done by a local. You can be almost certain of one thing when you come to the area.. That any visual is going to be very unexpected for an outsider. Styling ranges from rustic through to extremely rustic, but is always a little quirky.

If you want to go out on the town one night, check out Bar Oussou, you will often find the local musicians or even international acts putting on either a small acoustic set or full blown stage show, hoping to get their name out to the masses. Nestled in a cozy small place with a nice vibe, the nightly acts are always a favourite crowd drawer. Whilst the drinks can be a little bit pricey, you will definitely enjoy them and be back for more!

Do you have dreams of becoming a rock star and performing here one day? Find a music teacher help speed up that process for you!

If you're wanting to energise up with the area famous freshly brewed coffee, you'll want to check out Wilbur's Cafe, winner of the 2016 Top Cafe award through Beanhunter. If you decide on ingesting something other than a good caffeine kick, they also do a range of delicious dishes and finger foods. The cafe can be found at 39 Fallon St cnr Dawson St, Brunswick, Victoria.

Perhaps eating and drinking isn't your thing, maybe you'd enjoy a scenic walk and breathe in the sights the locals enjoy every day. Labelled as a friendly neighbourhood park, Temple Park is a very old, well established and lush park you can really get a moment to yourself in the beautiful greenery the park has to offer. If you're really getting in to the swing of the area, you'll most definitely have a take away coffee with you. The park can be found at the end of Gray Street.

Whilst there are too many things to fit in to one write up, it's highly recommended that you get in on the action on offer, you'll have a blast, all the best uncovering all the secrets Brunswick has to offer.

By nothingbutnet, Nov 23 2016 03:13AM

Is a great music teacher crucial to your future? If so, you want to take lessons from a patient instructor who has the ability to take you from where you are currently and help put you on the path to becoming the next breakout in the entertainment world.

Allegra Music offers voice, guitar and keyboard lessons at our facility in Melbourne's northern suburbs, serving residents from surrounding communities such as Moonee Ponds, Ascot Vale, Brunswick Thornbury, Essendon, Preston, Pascoe Vale and many other communities.

No matter what level of musical competency you want to achieve, Allegra Music has a singing teacher Coburg residents trust. Our vocal staff is here to guide you, even if you only want to work on your stage poses while singing. Our teachers pride themselves on being able to help students of any age and talent level reach their musical horizons much faster than they would on their own. We love what we do and it shows in the results that our students produce.

In addition to outstanding singing lessons Brunswick, we also have the guitar teachers in Brunswick trust and who have a vast rage of skills and experience. You can receive instruction in many different styles ranging from jazz to classical and everything in between. All Allegra guitar tutors have formal training and are familiar with all aspects of the student-teacher relationship. They also have considerable knowledge of music theory alongside of being masters of their instruments. Our guitar teachers will educate you on all aspects of learning your instrument, thereby giving you a solid foundation for your musical career.

If being centre stage is your focus, you may be after a singing teacher. Our vocal instructors have necessary skills, such as perfect and relative pitching, so that every note you sing in your lesson will be reviewed and refined. Yes, you can reach that level of perfection. Perfect pitch is a critical skill for every singer. Each lesson you take will bring you closer to your dream.

For those who prefer tinkling the keyboards, Allegra's piano lessons will help you achieve your desired level of competency. Availability is limited, so schedule your keyboard lessons as soon as possible.

By nothingbutnet, Jul 17 2015 12:10AM

As a roadie that’s responsible for a bands stage setup, whether the site is residential, commercial, or industrial, then you may have considered or already have temporary a modular stage flooring setup. This type of flooring provides elevation and quick setup without a lot of hassles, but there are some special requirements that you need to consider with this type of temporary staging. Typically, finishes on these modular systems do not have any anti slip properties and can be extremely dangerous if exposed to liquid spills or contamination. Anti slip floor treatment and non slip tile coatings may be used to reduce the slip fall risks associated with these floors, and there are products and methods available that can lower the coefficient of friction on any floor type or material choices. This will greatly reduce the risk of any slip fall accidents and injuries by allowing greater traction.

Where is Modular Flooring Used?

Modular stage flooring can be used in almost any type of property or room area. The purpose of this floor type is to elevate and provide access to components, cords, cables, and other items that are hidden away in the floor. Many venues do not provide a suitable staging area that provides these opportunities. Non slip floor products and anti slip floor treatment options can improve surface safety on modules, and keep your performers, staff and visitors as safe as possible.

What Steps Can You Take to Improve your temporary staging?

Anti slip floor treatment works well with painted or resin coated modules, no matter what materials are used.

Examine the surface of the modules and make sure the surface is even and has a consistent surface

Look for any ridges or damage that could cause a trip hazard. This includes moisture, clutter, cords, and cables that are not properly secured underneath the flooring area.

Have floor slip testing performed to identify any slip fall risks or hazardous floor conditions.

Consult a professional to determine the best anti slip floor treatment and the right application methods for your specific flooring.

How Can Anti Slip Floor Treatment Limit Your Duty of Care Liability in Australia?

If you own a business that hires out modular stage flooring in Australia then you have a liability for any Duty of Care breach if you do not take reasonable precautions to prevent any possible slip fall risks.

Anti slip floor treatment products and non slip floor coatings applications can keep these surfaces safer, Consulting a professional and taking steps to prevent slip fall accidents and injuries can minimize or even eliminate any Duty of Care liability that you could be exposed to.

As the leading Australian specialist in anti slip floor solutions Friction Systems Australia can help you prevent slip fall accidents with any type of modular flooring. We will perform a thorough assessment and comprehensive evaluation of the surfaces, and then make recommendations to address any floor safety issues that are found.

By nothingbutnet, Dec 25 2014 02:16AM

Grad students honing in to expand the limits with their career can now look forward with a new image of hope, now that the future for industry placements have now been made into an easy user friendly process to all looking for student marketing internships for industry suited experience & potential future employment.

Plugging up the gap in the marketplace for the younger generation whohave been neglected for so long, Industry Placements Australia has come in to save the day. Using their market know-how & passion for growth are encouraging uni students get suited internships in areas such as business marketing internships, business and even design related positions. Industry Placements has created business alliances with small businesses & well known companies as well so that they are able to assist students into such opportunities that will get interns the know-how they‘ll need to breach their dreams both financially and in their job prospects.

Looking for a time when our future labour-force is one that is continually growing over sitting like it’s been for the last couple of years. Aiming to be Australia's forefront of growth in the education industry, the futures in keen eyes with IPA.

What would a paid internship in Melbourne do for you?

Securing an intern position in fields like marketing & even business, will offer graduates the chance to blast off their careers by developing their personal skills in a professional environment. Employers are also given the option to fully trial the undergraduate as an intern and be given the option to offer employment to them after ending their position. Meaning undergraduate can simply get their first actual job after finishing their work period as an intern.

Effectively getting an industry related position in a selected industry shall be the true beginning for the remainder of your professional life. Offering real students real skills.

As a new business IPA‘s asking for the support of the young workforce to help hold down it’s own growth and as a result, will give a more efficient process for all graduates to get the best possible style of work in the future. Industry Placements Australia also aims to keep the system easy to use and look out for customers on both the sides of small businesses & graduates alike, making sure everybody working together is 100% happy with the proservices they get.

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