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If you're living in Brunswick, do what the locals do!

By nothingbutnet, Dec 5 2016 04:01AM

Here's our 'top' list on everything Brunswick, whether you live in the area or want to take part in the local culture.

The area is well known for it's different, yet hip culture, a list of the favourite things spans from great roasted coffee in the daylight, to hitting up the live music scene and supporting local artists, in the evening hours. The fun often never stops, and the locals are often quite active at most times during the day.

Brunswick is full of many different types of people, which mainly revolves around the local art scene, including painters, singers, guitar players, sculpters and so many other forms of art.

Almost everywhere you go, there will be something arty in plain sight, often done by a local. You can be almost certain of one thing when you come to the area.. That any visual is going to be very unexpected for an outsider. Styling ranges from rustic through to extremely rustic, but is always a little quirky.

If you want to go out on the town one night, check out Bar Oussou, you will often find the local musicians or even international acts putting on either a small acoustic set or full blown stage show, hoping to get their name out to the masses. Nestled in a cozy small place with a nice vibe, the nightly acts are always a favourite crowd drawer. Whilst the drinks can be a little bit pricey, you will definitely enjoy them and be back for more!

Do you have dreams of becoming a rock star and performing here one day? Find a music teacher help speed up that process for you!

If you're wanting to energise up with the area famous freshly brewed coffee, you'll want to check out Wilbur's Cafe, winner of the 2016 Top Cafe award through Beanhunter. If you decide on ingesting something other than a good caffeine kick, they also do a range of delicious dishes and finger foods. The cafe can be found at 39 Fallon St cnr Dawson St, Brunswick, Victoria.

Perhaps eating and drinking isn't your thing, maybe you'd enjoy a scenic walk and breathe in the sights the locals enjoy every day. Labelled as a friendly neighbourhood park, Temple Park is a very old, well established and lush park you can really get a moment to yourself in the beautiful greenery the park has to offer. If you're really getting in to the swing of the area, you'll most definitely have a take away coffee with you. The park can be found at the end of Gray Street.

Whilst there are too many things to fit in to one write up, it's highly recommended that you get in on the action on offer, you'll have a blast, all the best uncovering all the secrets Brunswick has to offer.

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