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Jazz lessons... A little something for the guitarists!

By nothingbutnet, Mar 20 2017 03:03AM

Our aim is to give you insight on how to play guitar for jazz in this starter guide. If any of the following applies to you, then you are in the right place:

* You already can play the scales, songs and chords on your guitar

* You know some of the jazz guitar standards

* You tend to get lost in the chord progression when you are doing a solo

* You would like to identify chord changes when you are improvising

* When playing jazz, you would like to understand and use the more difficult altered chords

* Chromaticism is lacking when you are soloing, therefore, you would like to add more

* You have limited arranging skills but you cannot seem to achieve chord melody

* Your heroes include John Scofield, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Wes Montgomery, and other excellent jazz guitarists

You have come to the right place if at least two items from the above list apply to you. The information listed here will give you great guidance for your musical development.

The Best Jazz Guitar Advice for You

Let us get straight into the jazz guitar advice. If you acknowledge the following as you read it, you are on the right path to developing your skills in jazz guitar. First, repeat the following sentence several hundred times out loud:

Your main objective is to play the jazz guitar well.

This includes completing the melody, improvising with the single-note solos, accompanying with chords and even adding some chord melody as you improve.

You can ignore your guitar teacher in Preston when he demands that you practice the scales and arpeggios for hours daily and you can forget about committing the chord shape to your memory. Technique is only one step in the process. So this is your road map to success:

All you need to do is play on the standards! You need to learn the chords, the melody and then solo.

In Four Steps - How to Play Jazz Guitar

For you to become a great jazz guitarist, what needs to happen next is very easy. Follow this video for further teaching:

Improve on Your Repertoire:

Ensure that you learn standards songs daily. Choose new songs as often as you can, but first learn the melody and then the chords. Develop a list of at least ten songs.

Develop Your Comping Skills:

You need to learn the basic chords to accompany your list of songs and then improve on your comping skills consistently.

Standard Progression with Your Solos:

Use basic tools to improvise at first and then keep honing your jazz guitar skills as you develop your ears, tastes and skills. A lot of soloing is what you will need to build your musical talent.

Fine Tune Your Harmonic Skills:

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, chord melody is important for improved performances on standards.

Repeat this advice because this is how the great practice their guitarists lessons.

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