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By nothingbutnet, Jul 17 2015 12:10AM

As a roadie that’s responsible for a bands stage setup, whether the site is residential, commercial, or industrial, then you may have considered or already have temporary a modular stage flooring setup. This type of flooring provides elevation and quick setup without a lot of hassles, but there are some special requirements that you need to consider with this type of temporary staging. Typically, finishes on these modular systems do not have any anti slip properties and can be extremely dangerous if exposed to liquid spills or contamination. Anti slip floor treatment and non slip tile coatings may be used to reduce the slip fall risks associated with these floors, and there are products and methods available that can lower the coefficient of friction on any floor type or material choices. This will greatly reduce the risk of any slip fall accidents and injuries by allowing greater traction.

Where is Modular Flooring Used?

Modular stage flooring can be used in almost any type of property or room area. The purpose of this floor type is to elevate and provide access to components, cords, cables, and other items that are hidden away in the floor. Many venues do not provide a suitable staging area that provides these opportunities. Non slip floor products and anti slip floor treatment options can improve surface safety on modules, and keep your performers, staff and visitors as safe as possible.

What Steps Can You Take to Improve your temporary staging?

Anti slip floor treatment works well with painted or resin coated modules, no matter what materials are used.

Examine the surface of the modules and make sure the surface is even and has a consistent surface

Look for any ridges or damage that could cause a trip hazard. This includes moisture, clutter, cords, and cables that are not properly secured underneath the flooring area.

Have floor slip testing performed to identify any slip fall risks or hazardous floor conditions.

Consult a professional to determine the best anti slip floor treatment and the right application methods for your specific flooring.

How Can Anti Slip Floor Treatment Limit Your Duty of Care Liability in Australia?

If you own a business that hires out modular stage flooring in Australia then you have a liability for any Duty of Care breach if you do not take reasonable precautions to prevent any possible slip fall risks.

Anti slip floor treatment products and non slip floor coatings applications can keep these surfaces safer, Consulting a professional and taking steps to prevent slip fall accidents and injuries can minimize or even eliminate any Duty of Care liability that you could be exposed to.

As the leading Australian specialist in anti slip floor solutions Friction Systems Australia can help you prevent slip fall accidents with any type of modular flooring. We will perform a thorough assessment and comprehensive evaluation of the surfaces, and then make recommendations to address any floor safety issues that are found.

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