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Capture the essence of your music

Every album, EP and flyer needs artwork that is as inspirational as the music that they portray.

Whenever you think of a favourite album, there's always an iconic and distinctive visual representation that accompanies it, even if it is just a completely black album cover with no distinguishing text or logos. These covers don't happen by chance; a lot of planning and thought goes into the creation to ensure that the design is as provoking as possible.


The same goes for good gig posters and flyers, and every other aspect of your marketing. Well designed and illustrated material can generate any number of desired feelings within the viewer that support your music and inspire confidence in your ability to produce quality releases.

A good artist/designer can bring a whole new perspective to any printed release you make. It helps reflect your music, capture the audience and snag those people who like to judge a book (or in this case, album) by its cover! If you want to be more than just 'some local band', then proper design and illustration is needed to really enhance your visual space.


Stomp! can provide design and illustration for a range of purposes and create work in a huge range of styles to meet your needs. This includes digital painting, comic-book styled illustration, mascots, photomanipulation, vector art and more. To support the newly created illustrations, we can also design the rest of your release, including booklet interiors, marketing material and press kits.

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