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Bringing visual life to your music

When you spend months writing and recording your music, why would you let it all down with sub-par artwork?

Ever heard of the saying 'you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover'? Well, people still do it anyway. It's in our nature to subconsciously judge things based on a first impression, so use this to your best advantage by always having the best designs, artwork and printing available!


Stomp! Design Services can cover you from album and booklet art, to logo and flyer design and even photography. We also supply top quality printing and CD replication to ensure your music and your designs are displayed using the best methods possible.

With our team of pro artists and graphic designers, Stomp! can make your every shirt, album, flyer or media package look worthy of your music regardless of your style or genre. We even offer high quality print and CD replication services to complement your new designs.


For bands that are serious about releasing an album package that really WOWs people, we can organise complete solutions which include artwork, design, photography, digipak printing and CD replication, along with promotional posters and media release copy that will stun audiences and labels alike.


Please browse through our design services on the top menu or in the quick links at the bottom of the page to learn more about how Stomp! Music can help bring your dreams to life.