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Quality matters, so don't settle for cheap trash

Even on a tight band budget, you can get quality printing and CD replication.

There's no doubt that we live in a superficial era where glitz, glam and hype sell. While the type of 'glamour' that sells varies from genre to genre, one thing remains constant, and that is quality. People don't just expect to listen to good music anymore, they expect it to look and feel worthwhile having, to be dressed up in a pretty package, and they want all of the perks. Without this, they simply download the music online from a store or torrent.


So if you're planning on making a release or press pack and want it to really impress, choose a company who only uses quality printing and replication (not duplication) services. Choose Stomp! Music.

Stomp! Music's printing services range from CD replication to flyer printing, to custom-built press kits for recording label applications. We use only select stocks to ensure every printed piece of marketing material looks its best, with other stocks available upon request. We also only replicate our CDs to give your release a professional store-quality result, so you don't need to settle for budget duplication. Not only are duplicated CDs cheap looking, they cannot be sold in major retail stores as they are simply burned CDs whose result could be achieved with a decent home printer and a CD burner.


But our services don't end there. We also offer digipak printing, merch creation services and more! And for those of you who want to offer your music in a slightly more creative format, we can create branded, custom USBs preloaded with your music and vinyl records.